Meetings, flavors, music spread all over Apennines villages

meetings, flavours, music

spread all over

Apennines villages


"La Sete" from Porretta Terme

"Borgo Pianello" from Lizzano

"Valli del Morastello" from Fanano

"Piero Toccafondi" from Pistoia


Light up your evening

Discover the happiness of enjoying wine and food in the Apennine villages.


Listen good music

As you are tasting good wines, professional music will entertain you.

The food and wine festival: “Borghi diVini” organized by the Unione dei Comuni dell’ Appennino Bolognese consist of eleven events characterized by Italian wine, local gastronomy and music.
Eleven villages set in the fascinating scenery of the so called: “Bolognese Apennine”.
Special selection of wines, local food and good music will make you discover and enjoy each of them from 18:00 to 24:00.
Through the following pages you can find out how to participate.
Each participant has to meet the following requirements, or at least one of them!

  • To have the capacity of appreciate new tastes and to disclose the unjustly forgotten ones
  • To be open for new discovering and to make researches
  • To be interested in history and culture
  • To be ready for fun

Everyone is welcome!

And please, drink slowly and drive carefully.

Borghi Divini is on Facebook!

Come and share your experiences and proposals

Eleven villages to explore