Meetings, flavors, music spread all over Apennines villages

Tim Trevor-Briscoe, saxophone, clarinet.

Tolga During, guitar

Matteo Zucconi, double bass.

The band is composed by musicians from Italy, Nederland’s, United Kingdom that connect good music and happiness.  The repertoire is made up of classical from the jazz tradition.

The “choro” – “chorinho” is one music genre progenitor of samba, that at the end of 800 mixed the European dance with afro-Brazilian rhythms.  The “choro” has been Wolrdwide appreciated thank to the “Brasilerinho” movie by Mika Kaurismäki (Feltrinelli, 2005).

The repertory starts with the chorinho´s  literature, passing through some songs typical of the “liscio romagnolo” and “filuzzi Bolognese” styles: these genres are related with the choro within the same routes and style.

“Without thorns: The Beauty that you can grasp” is a youth organization which aims to promote artistic events restoring value to the immense local cultural heritage , too often ignored and forgotten. The initiative, fully self-financed, stems from the need to reconnect everyone to the beauty of art, which often scares people because labeled as inaccessible, old and boring, when instead, following a deep aesthetic experience of strong interior emotion, art reveals itself close, new and necessary.
In a time of crisis like the present, not only economic but also cultural, we young people are compelled to unite under one common goal to try to rebuild and reclaim our future. As musicians we want to turn the public attention to the musical culture, erasing the false prejudices and stereotypes that demean. Eliminating the unhealthy lack of interest, particularly among the younger generations (but not only ..) , a devastating feeling for all of us and for ” Our ” music, a feeling that unfortunately has already destroyed many provincial theaters and is increasingly close to bringing all theaters, including those of prestige, into ruin.
We believe that a great orchestra formed entirely of young people to capture the attention and stir the soul of who has never heard one, or has never been in a theater, or never felt associated with the repertoire of the past. An orchestra ready to spread the musical culture everywhere, even in those “atypical” places for music such as prisons, hospitals and factories . Only thus concentrating the energies of many young people who devote their lives to the art you will finally reignite the desire for culture which stems from the first wish of every individual: to recognize himself.

The “Amarcorda duet” is composed by Tosca Zampini and Tolga During. Tosca Zampini deeply studied the music at the Ferrara conservatory whileTolga During is a very good Dutch artist who composed many albums and has been in tour all around Europe. Their project includes many other professional musicians to create an elegant atmosphere with deep impact on the audience. Their repertory is wide: it turns from the traditional Neaple´s song to the jazz style, passing through different rhythms like the swing, the bossa nova, the walzer and the bolero.
Each song is re- arranged and it allows the artist to get free inspiration. Next concert is the 2nd of July in Gardelletta