Borghi diVini

An event review with wine, local food culture and music in the Appennine villages around Bologna

Five occasions to spend an evening with friends, tasting wines accompanied by typical local gastronomy products  in the evocative background of the Apennine villages.

All this and much more is “Borghi diVini“, the brainchild of Unione dei Comuni dell’Appennino Bolognese and directed by Pro Loco di San Benedetto Val di Sambro, which for 2019 proposes 5 appointments with wine, local food and wine culture and music. In these pages you can find out dates, programs and all the details on how to participate in these events.

The Villages

Five villages set like pearls in the fascinating scenery of the Bolognese Apennines. Five moments to discover them, visit them, photograph them, accompanied by good music.

Light up your night

Discover the pleasure of an evening spent in an Apennine village, tasting quality wine

Listen to good music

Chat, taste, walk will be more enjoyable with music that we thought for you

Take a pic & Win

Such an experience to be pictured! And if you want to share it, you may receive a gift!


If you want you can buy one of the products on display. A welcome gift for those who stayed at home!

Borghi diVini is social!

Come and share your experiences and proposals
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